JN750 Planetary Concrete Mixer

Applications of JN750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

Planetary Concrete Mixers widely apply to produce precast concrete, common commercial concrete and high performance concrete. It is suitable for mixing dry hard concrete (roller compacted concrete). It is widely used in the production of building blocks and prefabricated parts, and also can be used to produce of steel fiber reinforced concrete, color concrete and dry mortar, etc.

Features and Benefits:

Features of JN750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

1. Steady Driving.
The power transmission is realized by a hard surface gearbox
2. High Mixing Efficiency.
The gear box drives the mixing arms to move with complex track, and the mixing is turbulent, then the mixer works more effectively.
3. Homogeneous Mixing.
Mixing blades are composed of several groups of mixing arms, which covers the entire mixing region. Both revolution and rotation of mixing blades ensure the homogeneity of the material. As the picture shows, mixing blades’ motion track covers the whole drum after a cycle.
4. Multiple Discharging Method.
According to various demands of customers, the discharging door can be operated hydraulically, pneumatically or manually.
5. Special Designed Water Sprayer
Special designed sprayer makes the water cloud cover more area and ensure the even distribution of the materials.
6. Easy to maintain and no leakage problem. Transmission system (including motor) is located at the top of mixing drum, completely separated from the concrete. It’s convenient for maintenance and there is no leakage problem at the shaft end.

Main Technical Parameters of JN750 Planetary Concrete Mixers:

Model: JN750
Discharging Volume: 750L
Charging Volume: 1125L
Diameter of Mixing Drum: 1800mm
Total Weight: 3500kg
Mixing Power: 30kw
Discharging Power: 2.2kw

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