QT6-15 Block Making Machine

The block manufacturer can also realize substantial savings by using less cement. A ratio from 8:1 to 11:1 sand/cement can be achieved. This machine is designed for the manufacturer with limited space, limited budget and the desire to achieve good quality, high volume of blocks, with the minimum cash outlay.

Features and Benefits:

Optional Parts:
1. Skip type concrete mixer……………………. Model JS500
2. Mould:? we can manufacture the a certain special mould for you accordingly .
3. Double layer Color-face device.
Advantages Of QT Series Automatic Block Making Machine:

1. Perfect humanization Electrical control system

Siemens PLC with Visualization touch screen provide you a Child operation machine.

2. Frequency Conversional Control Technology:

It guarantees the precise and parallel movement between tamper head and mould, protects the products from transfiguration; increases the production rate by improving the vibrating efficiency, and Power saving: 30%;

3. Hydraulic System. Make in China, world Quality , and we can provide you the hydraulic motor as you request . 

4. Compulsory Feeding system make sure that the density and intensity of the products are guaranteed;

5. Various product scope:
It produces various color-face bricks (layered material feeding),through-body tiles, lock linkage blocks, road curb bricks, hydraulic blocks、hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.

Hollow Block Capacity(390×190×190mm) 6/module
Solid Brick Capacity(240×115×53mm) 36/module
Holland Brick Capacity(240×115×90mm) 15/module
Main Dimension(L×W×H) 6350×1680×2850(mm)
Pallet Size(L×W×H) 970×830×30(mm)
Pressure Rating 12~25Mpa
Vibration 50~90KN
Vibration Frequency 2900~5600r/min
Cycle Time 15-20(s)
Power(Total) 29kw
Weight 8000kg
Hollow Block Capacity(390×190×190mm) 8640-11520/8hours
Solid Brick Capacity(240×115×53mm) 47520-66360/8hours
Holland Brick Capacity(200×100×60mm) 21600-28800/8hours
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