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QT4-40 b2 type block molding machine Purpose and structure characteristics

2016-07-27 14:46:10

    QT4-40 b2 type block molding machine is my company in past small block molding machine advantages on the basis of design and development of products, is the production of concrete block special equipment, can be widely use of crushed stone, river sand, sand, coal gangue, such as raw materials, by changing the mold production all kinds of wall brick and ground brick.
    The machine has the reasonable structure design, advanced technology.With four vertical guide and push and pull of upper die, automatic scraper, reducer stripping way to ascend.Equipped with strong vibration motor, realize vertical direction vibration.Produced blocks are of high quality, compactness, high strength.
    Convenient and flexible operation, its performance is equivalent to that of large equipment.
    Production process is simple, block can be natural maintenance, energy saving.