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Small concrete mixing station value for money

2016-07-29 11:11:27

Small concrete mixing station equipment that is simple, but it is small but the five internal organs is taste. Compared to those large concrete mixing stations, small mixing plant has more advantages. Then you analyze the east Chen small concrete mixing station value for money reasons.
1. Installation is simple
Small concrete mixing station equipment is very standardized, secure and efficient production, after the device means you can start.
2. invest less
Secondly funded comparative small mixing plant less, can reduce part of the cost of funding for the purchase of other equipment, furthermore from the conservation point of view, small mixing plant conservation and maintenance costs can also be decreased.
3. High efficiency
Small concrete mixing plant of its host and its aggregates and large lifting equipment is not much different in comparison, which uses the JS500-type twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, concrete mixing quality even better, more efficient and efficiency.
4. Measurement precision
Small concrete mixing station, said electronic metering, dosing accuracy and more efficient and accurate, but also to better ensure the quality of concrete.
5. Easy Relocation
Small concrete mixing plant uses a modular configuration and modular unit, in terms of installation and relocation is also more convenient, lightweight, easy to transport and install, users often carry the address of the project in terms of the performance of the full re-use of strengths.