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Baking-free brick machine maintenance

2016-08-03 17:20:09

    1. To formulate suitable for this enterprise system of equipment maintenance and maintenance.Everything is dry, ensure the equipment running normally.
    2. Have the repair and maintenance of real records, to found a group for fault diagnosis.Analysis the cause of the failure occurs, the research of measures.Never let go of to do: reason  unknown;Responsibility is not clear don't pass;Do not receive by the ministry of education.
    3. The necessary spare parts reserve is not less, prepare not the note.
    4. Must have the equipment maintenance and maintenance plan, at the same time of annual production and operation plan, must develop the equipment maintenance plan, and do it in time, money and manpower on the implementation of the put in place.
    5. To set up the equipment repair and maintenance organizations, and special maintenance personnel, clear the responsibility, to provide technical training before mount guard, not eligible can't work.