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Production of small square concrete mixing station models

2017-11-17 09:22:55

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1. HZS25 type mixing station: HZS25 type mixing station belongs to the small simple mixing station, is also the smallest square quantity concrete mixing station model, this equipment's theory output is 25 cubic meters per hour, has the structure simple, disassembly convenient, the construction convenient characteristic, the cost is also relatively low, Suitable for large-scale prefabricated plants and small roads, bridges, and other industrial and civil construction.

2. HZS35 Type Mixing station: HZS35 Mixing station adopts modular structure, modular module, installation, relocation is very convenient, compared with HZS25 mixing station, the biggest difference is its production efficiency of different, HZS35 mixing station using JS750 forced-type mixer, per hour theory production capacity in 35 cubic meters, Users can according to their demand for concrete production, to choose the specific dual-machine station or stand-alone station.
3. HZS50 Type Mixing station: HZS50 Mixing Station In fact is the HZS60 mixing station simple configuration, and HZS60 mixing station with the same use js1000 mixer, only in the way on the material is different, still really 50 mixing station is used to climb the bucket on the material way, than 60 mixing station to occupy less funds, Small footprint, less equipped equipment, theoretical productivity of 50 cubic meters per hour, is the bridge construction, road engineering, construction sites, components of the ideal building station equipment.