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Four key aspects of the development of concrete mixing plant grasp

2013-03-15 11:21:09

How to develop a concrete mixing plant , to speed up China's machinery industry restructuring, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, we must grasp the following eight key link:
First, the concrete mixing plant attack high-end solid foundation, to overcome technical bottlenecks. The development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry can not be achieved, we must make great efforts to improve the level of basic technology, basic materials, the development of the basic components and system integration, strengthen the R & D and industrialization of the major technologies and complete sets of equipment, breakthrough and mastery of high-end monitoring and control system, the key foundation four parts, high-end workhorses, Special Purpose quality raw material bottlenecks in key core technology, vigorously improve the basic level of technology of casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, such as high-end hydraulic rough casting technology, and so on.

Second, concrete mixing plant attack high-end must be innovation, high-end equipment in China. The development of high-end equipment can not be content merely to develop individual high-end products, but to focus on improving the capability of independent innovation. To strengthen the core and key technologies research and development, strengthen the industry based on common technology, concentrate on the development and implementation of major scientific and technological projects to enhance the integrated innovation capability of the major technologies and equipment. Overcome key technical problems in the field of independent innovation, to grasp the core and key technologies.

Third, concrete mixing plant attack high-end must be open, to take advantage of all available resources. Independent innovation, not behind closed doors, closed innovation. To extensive use at home and abroad all available resources, integrating closely for the introduction of foreign advanced technology and fully absorb the mature experience to draw on high-end equipment manufacturing to speed up the innovation of key technologies. At the same time should pay attention to the development of industrial innovation alliance, the promotion of key technology innovations to the industrial transformation.

Concrete mixing plant attack high-end must grasp the direction of the investment and make good use of self-financing. Invest tune structure, promote industrial upgrading, development, and the decision tomorrow and the future of the machinery industry. According to statistics, in recent years, the national machinery industrial enterprises for their own development completed investment in fixed assets, about 90% self-financing, the state budget accounted for only less than 0.5%. However, investment in fixed assets process, there is focus on the extension and expansion of light connotation to enhance, re-manufacturing the light R & D testing, re-sets of the host light supporting infrastructure, weight immediate light long-term development and follow the trend of convergence is more emphasis on the characteristics of less serious problems. Therefore, the use of self-financing the development of high-end equipment, adjust the industrial structure and product mix, to be cautious and avoid blind investment, the herd. After all, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing conditions demanding, blind development is very risky, and must be based on their own abilities, weaknesses, and focus.


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