Load Cell in Concrete Batching Plant

2012-03-19 22:10:57

  Load Cell in Concrete Batching Plant

We all know concrete need different ratio to meet different application requirements, so all concrete stuff can’t enter into concrete mixer unless they are weighted. Load cell is used to weigh the stuff, such as aggregate weighing, cement weighing, water weighing, additive weighing, etc. This article will mainly introduce load cell in concrete batching plant.

I. Load Cell Types

Two types of load cell are often used in concrete batching plant; they are beam type pressure load cell and S-type tension load cell.

  Load cell in concrete batching plant, pressure load cell     Tension Load Cell
  Pressure Load Cell                                              Tension Load Cell

II. Introduction of Load Cell
2.1 Description
Load cell can be made of stainless steel or alloy steel and is hermetically sealed. This is suitable for weighing and force measuring applications. It is strain gage based load cell which is fully temperature compensated over -30 to +70°C. It exhibits good linearity and very low hysteresis and creep.
2.2Load Cell Application in Concrete Batching Plant
2.2.1 Load Cell Application in Aggregate Weighing System
There are two methods of aggregate weighing: accumulative weighing and independent weighing. 
Our PLD800, PLD1200 and PLD1600 aggregate batching machine adopt accumulative weighing method. They usually weigh aggregates with S-type tension load cell.
Accumulative Weighing with Belt  Accumulative Weighing with Bin
Accumulative Weighing with Belt    Accumulative Weighing with Bin
Our PLD2400, PLD3200 and PLD4800 aggregate batching machine adopt independent weighing method. They usually weigh aggregates with beam type pressure load cell.
Load Cell Application in Independent Weighing
Load Cell Application in Independent Weighing
2.2.2 Load Cell Application in Cement Weighing System 
Cement is usually weighed with beam type pressure load cell.
  Cement is usually weighed with beam type pressure load cell   Load Cell Application in Cement Weighing System
2.2.3 Load Cell Application in Water Weighing System and Additive Weighing System
Water and additive is usually weighed with S-type tension load cell.
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All in all, different load cells have different applications, when choosing the load cell, the most suitable one is the best one!