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Simple description of the self loading concrete mixer truck

2022-09-17 15:56:19



The self loading concrete mixer truck introduction

Self-feeding mixer truck, fully automatic: water feeding, feeding, mixing, transportation, unloading, digging, one machine is multi-purpose, saving time, labor, equipment and fuel. High stirring efficiency. The power is strong and the climbing angle is high.


The self loading concrete mixer truck features

1. Save electricity 100 degrees every day without a blender;

2. No need concrete mixer truck and wheel loader anymore;

3. The counterweight mounted on the heavy duty saddle can be hydraulically slewed at 270°and automatically locked by a hydraulic brake.


Self loading mixer truck advantages                                                  

1. Save labor. Self loading concrete mixer truck only need 2 workers to operate. No more need of 12 transporter, 4 loaders, 1 operator, 3 distributors and 2 water loader in generally. So you can save the money back in three months.

2. Produce high quality concrete. The self concrete mixer truck have weighing system to keep the concrete is of good quality.