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Concrete mixing pump functions and applications

2023-12-29 17:56:24

 The concrete mixing pump is an advanced concrete pouring equipment that performs the entire concrete construction process by integrating mixing and pumping. 

The concrete mixing pump adopts advanced S valve reversal, which can meet the requirements of concrete transportation. The spectacle plate and cutting ring are made of carbide materials, which has a longer life. The outlet pressure is high, which can meet the requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation. The hydraulic cooling adopts water cooling effect is good and easy to use; it has a reverse pump function to minimize pipe blockage; it is equipped with a manual lubrication system to ensure the service life of the transmission, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with wired remote control operation. 
The concrete mixer pump can fully meet the concrete pouring requirements of various construction sites: house floors, sloping roofs, factory floors, railway bridges, water conservancy dams, and highway construction.
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