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What are the advantages of self loading mixer truck operation?

2024-04-23 15:44:58

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What are the advantages of self loading mixer truck operation?

1. The operating lever is easy to operate, and the touch screen uses high technology to add water quantitatively.

2. The operation is sensitive and convenient, and the touch screen allows quantitative addition of water, making the mixing more uniform and more in line with specifications.

3. The automatic feeding mixer does not require manual cleaning.

4. Expanding the water tank can hold more water.

5. Front-drive double-row high-pressure tires bear greater weight, are safer and reduce accidents.

6. The self-loading mixer truck has its own external water suction pump, which is more convenient for adding water and easy to clean when unloading.

7. Save 3 manpower and 100 kWh of electricity every day. It does not require concrete transport trucks and loaders for loading materials and all-terrain operations.

8.The operating console of the self-loading mixer truck cab can be rotated, making it easier to control both front and rear. The vehicle's tilt unloading function makes unloading faster. The inclined unloading plan makes vehicle unloading more practical.